A night for the books

The title of this post is incredibly misleading… I have done approximately two things today; work and couch sitting. As you can imagine the latter of the things has been much more enjoyable. So, a little life update on this “night for the books”. I got a no-chip gel manicure for the first time a […]

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Anotha 1

I went to my third prom a few weeks ago, yes yes, laugh please, I’m a college sophomore and I went to another high school dance. Honest to god it was my favorite school dance. I had such a good time. It most definitely helped that I went with my boyfriend of a year instead […]

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That one shirt from Gap

You know that shirt from Gap in the jammies section that has the word nap on it but it looks exactly like the Gap logo? Well, after about a year and a half of looking at it, picking it up, putting it back, picking it back up and then putting it back once more, I […]

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It’s Wednesday and I’m hot

Your favorite complainy blogger is back! Happy Wednesday friends, for those of you still dans l’├ęcole (in school… I’m a French minor who’s bad at French, I need all the practice I can get) summer is at your fingertips, you’re right there, power through these last few weeks! For those of you travailler (working) job=money, […]

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The solo doctor’s visit

Today… (pause for dramatic effect) I went to the doctor all by myself. So, as many of you know, I’m a type one diabetic, so I’m at the doctor’s office literally every other day. I’ve been seeing the same endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) since I was three, and so at the ripe old age of 19, […]

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I need a hobby

I got back from college crazy early, like April 26th early, and I’m bored out of my mind. None of my friends get back until the middle of May and my boyfriend is in the midst of wrapping up his high school career so he’s constantly busy. Sure, I have my job, but I’m not […]

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So like who even are you?

Read the about page.   Kidding, kidding, I’ll do a bit of a formal introduction for all two people that will wind up reading this (Hi mom). My real name is Rachel, but I started going by Rae once I got to college, in attempts to reinvent myself. I’m not sure how successful the reinventing […]

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