The vacay report

My beautiful internet friends, I’ve returned from my journey to the land of the unknown. I somehow survived a week in a cabin in the woods with my family. I know, I’m shocked too.

So I’ll give you a recap (killer pics included)

Day one was one of my favorites. We drove down to Cincinnati for a Cubs game. I completely forgot how much I love going to Cubs games. Like holy crap they’re so much fun. There’s a shit ton of drunk adults yelling and confused, small children run around in tiny little Cubs tees, god I love it.

~Cute game pic (the men of my family don’t believe in picture taking)~


The Cubs lost so that sucked, but the game was super fun 10/10 time. As we were walking back to the hotel, I stumbled upon a horse so logically I had to pet it.

~Horse pic (her name is Ellie)~



Honestly, the 24 hours we spent in Cincinnati were my fav of the trip. I mean look at the view from our hotel! It was amazing.

~Sups cool view pic~



Okay so after the dank time we had in Cincinnati, we headed for Gatlinburg.  This was day two without any coffee so as you can imagine, I was as tired and irritable as ever, but I slept in the car and read my book, blah blah blah, it wasn’t that bad.

So we get to Gatlinburg and it’s literally hot as hell, but we did meet up with my dad’s best friend from childhood.

~Cute pics of my dad and his bff bein cute~







So that was maybe the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Overall, Gatlinburg was better than I expected. We stayed in this super cute cabin and did a lot of just hanging out. Since it gets dark at around 8 down there and there aren’t any streetlights in the woods, we had to stay in at night. We did quite a bit of movie watching and lounging.

During this time I finally got around to watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie and holy literal shit it was amazing. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack nonstop for about 5 days now. We also rewatched seasons one and two of the office. I swear to god that show gets funnier everytime I watch it.

~cute pic of the fam being human potatoes~

img_4441-1(It also kinda sums up everyone’s feelings towards the woods)


Random transition !

We went out to dinner one night and my mom really wanted to take a nice picture with my dad. The following images reflect his opinions on the matter.



All in all the vacation was really fun (until my siblings violently threw up everywhere and got my dad sick too), we went ziplining, ate a crapton of food and somehow avoided getting eaten by bears. I saw a shit ton of baptist churches and more confederate flags than I thought still existed, but I managed to go a week without coffee, so I’d say it’s a win all around. I’ll see ya soon friends.


P.S. more pics!



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