Vacay (the Rae way)

Good morning, internet! Well I guess by the time I post this it’ll be afternoon, but whatevs. Today has been a rather productive day for me, considering I was out of bed by 10 and actually showered and ready for the day before noon! This calls for a celebration! Not really, I’m just looking for a reason to validate my second cup of coffee.

Moving on! Tomorrow morning I leave for Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the annual Stoffel fam vacay. I tend to get incredibly excited for any type of vacation, but this one has got me a bit, well, anxious, I guess you could say. Usually, my family and I go somewhere kinda touristy, yet relaxed at the same time. For example, we went to Boston and Cape Cod last summer, touristy in Boston, and relaxed in cape cod. It was an amazing trip and has me wanting to move to Boston. We’ve also done Disney World quite a few times, Colorado, North Carolina, South Dakota, California, you know, the basic white people destinations for summer. Gatlinburg doesn’t exactly fit in with this trend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m over the moon to be getting out of Illinois for a week, but this vacation will definitely test my skills.

As most of you know, I’m what the kids are calling “high maintenance” “girly” “a wine mom”, things of that nature. A week in a cabin in the woods doesn’t really go along with these things. It’ll be interesting to say the least.

We’re going to be doing a lot of hiking and nature-esque things, which will also be interesting. I’m not a very athletic person, I mean I like to run and take my dog for walks and occasionally do ab workouts when I’m feeling extra flabby, but I’m not much of a sporty gal, so we’ll see how this hiking thing goes.

I’m excited to see the smokey mountians and see pretty waterfalls and such, but I feel like that’s something you do for two days, not seven…

I’m trying to remain positive, you know, look at the bright side. I’ve made a list of possible bright side things that might exist on this trip

  • We’re driving all the way down to Tennessee so I’ll finally have the time to listen to all of Harry Style’s new album
  • I’ll also have a crap ton of time to read all the books on my shelf I’ve been dying to get into (book suggestions are welcomed)
  • We’re gonna be outside like the entire time, so maybe I’ll turn slightly less the color of milk
  • We’ll also be walking a lot, so logically, I’ll come back to Chicago with quads like Usain Bolt
  • There’s not gonna be a single Starbucks within a 13954095964 mile radius so maybe I’ll finally kick this caffeine addiction (LMAO a girly can dream)
  • There also won’t be any shopping near us so my wallet will be incredibly happy


There are definitely more pros than I thought there would be…

See mom! Blogging is good for the soul!

So bloggoverse, I’m gonna be rocking running shorts and the entirety of the Gap athletic line (I went to Gap Factory last week and cried) for the next week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next time,



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