A night for the books

The title of this post is incredibly misleading…

I have done approximately two things today; work and couch sitting. As you can imagine the latter of the things has been much more enjoyable. So, a little life update on this “night for the books”.

I got a no-chip gel manicure for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m still in awe of how good like a third of my nails look. The entirety of my left hand (aside from my thumb) looks fan freakin tastic. Literally, they have not chipped at all! My right hand, on the other hand (Haha see what I did there? Hilarious, I know), is a bit of a mess. The only two survivors are my ring and pinky finger.

Moving on, I’m currently watching Parks and Rec and cuddling with my dog. I would like to note that this is a huge moment for me. My dog is actually cuddling with me, her head is on my knee and it’s damn magical. My darling dog, Goose, is not a cuddler, she’s not one to sit on laps, even though she’s a literal lap dog, so yeah, this is huge.


Tomorrow’s Sunday, which means a few different things…

  1. I only have to work for like 5 hours (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  2. A shit ton of time for online shopping and coffee drinking
  3. It’s gonna be kinda cold so I get to wear my polka dot pixie pants from Old Navy to work.

In closing, Nick Offerman is a wonderful human and I really wish he was my uncle, polka dot pixie pants are fantastic, and my dog is a lovely bundle of joy.

Bon Nuit,



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