I refuse to pay $62 for brunch themed apparel

Good evening internet dwellers,

It is I, your uncoordinated (both hand eye and life), occasionally funny, incredibly caffeine addicted pal.

I’ve got a lot of things to rant about today, so let’s get started.

I will now list my rants in no particular order for your viewing, well, I guess reading, pleasure.

  1. So as most of you know, I work at a boutique. I love my job, I get a pretty solid discount on hella cute clothes and accessories, but alas, this boutique is a bit more  than I can afford even with my discount. The other day, we got a cute tank in that said “brunch squad” on it. Logically, I freaked out and wanted to buy it immediately. I shit you not, the tank was $62. Homegirl cannot afford to spend that kind of money of brunch themed apparel. This leads me to the point of my rant, why are simple things so damn expensive? Honestly, I could go to target, buy myself a white pillowcase, cut it up a bit to look like a tank and then find some sort of iron ion sticker that says brunch squad for like $8.  True, I don’t have enough crafting ability to make a tank that looks half as cute as that one and if I did have enough money to spend that much on brunch themed apparel I would, but I’m still salty about it. Okay, end rant one.


Okay well I guess there’s really only one rant, but I like lists, so there. Now to the life update portion of this post.

I’m currently sitting in bed on this beautiful Friday evening in my size XL Jackie Chan shirt I got from target. It cost $3.88. I couldn’t pass up a deal like that! I mean the shirt literally is just a picture of young Jackie and the words “fear is for others”. It’s a damn masterpiece if you ask me. I’m also attempting to pamper myself with some sort of South Asian mud mask I bought at Target months ago and am just now using. It kinda burns, but whateves, I’m letting the mud do its thing.

In other news, I’m trying out a new breakfast place with my boyfriend tomorrow, who by the way, “isn’t really a breakfast guy”. Who the hell doesn’t like breakfast. Honestly, breakfast can be whatever the hell you want it to be. It doesn’t have to be pancakes and bacon, or a bowl of cereal, or even a coffee on the go, it can be whatever you desire in the deepest depths of your soul. For example, I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth when I was younger (I don’t know what was wrong with me either, don’t bother asking) so typical breakfast foods weren’t really my thing. I would eat sandwiches for breakfast, not like cute little breakfast sandwiches, nope, a full on turkey club, at 7am. I would also eat random ass cold cuts for breakfast sometimes. I have a distinct memory of being in like third grade and sitting at the table with my brother and sister eating breakfast. My siblings were sat eating eggo waffles or something normal like that while I was staring at a plate full of cold ham. So there. Breakfast can be whatever the hell you want it to be. Not a breakfast guy my ass…

Moving on. I’m absolutely starving and my face mask is getting to the kind of dry where I can’t move my face so I just look dead inside. I’m gunna go wash it off and if my skin isn’t glowing so much that it blinds my family members, I’m emailing corporate for a refund.

Over and out kids,



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