Anotha 1

I went to my third prom a few weeks ago, yes yes, laugh please, I’m a college sophomore and I went to another high school dance. Honest to god it was my favorite school dance. I had such a good time.

It most definitely helped that I went with my boyfriend of a year instead of that guy from math who was just as desperate as I was for a date (flashback to junior year homecoming).

So anyway, deets.

For whatever reason I have gotten every dress for every school dance from Lord and Taylor so it only made sense to grab my final gown from good ‘ole L&T.  I totally scored with this last dress. It was the very last on the clearance rack and it just happened to be my size. $80. That’s it. 80 frickin dollars. I shed a tear. An actual real tear.

My mother, of course, was over the moon that I had found a dress under $100. I also managed to squeeze a new pair of shoes out of the legendary cheap dress.

The dress was black and navy, which usually don’t go all that well together, but for some reason, looked phenomenal on the dress. So basically, it was a sweetheart neckline with a fuller, A line skirt. The bottom layer of the dress was back satin, covered in a layer of black lace, topped off with navy ribbon woven throughout the entire thing. It was a fantastic. dress.

I went for a diamond and gold statement necklace, and a few gold rings, keeping things simple accessory wise. I wore a pair of double strap heels, black velvet (yes, I know, May is not the best month for velvet, but they’re cute as hell and looked amazing with the dress.

Moving on, Jake wore a light grey suit with a pair of chestnut shoes. He looked rather dapper, if I do say so myself. The entirety of the dance was wonderful. A cute dinner with an Arabian theme. The venue was beautiful. All and all, perfect night. My “super senior” prom was a success.

Yes, I’ll add pics

~I promise I won’t be on hiatus for this long again!



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