So like who even are you?

Read the about page.


Kidding, kidding, I’ll do a bit of a formal introduction for all two people that will wind up reading this (Hi mom).

My real name is Rachel, but I started going by Rae once I got to college, in attempts to reinvent myself. I’m not sure how successful the reinventing was, I feel pretty much the same as before I started going by Rae, anyways, I’m not too sure what you people care to know about me so I’m just going to give you a list of ten fun* facts about myself.

*The facts will be more lame than they are fun.


I’ve had the same best friend for 19 years, her name is Claire.





I love my dog more than a good portion of my family.




I can drive a speedboat.




When I was little, I really liked sitting in this pot.





I go to Starbucks at least once a day.





I won best dressed in high school (somehow).




I frickin love knitting.




I think Boston is perhaps the coolest city in the world.




Next to London, of course.





I’m really good at looking bad.




I hope you learned something vaguely interesting, see you soon!



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